My name is Steven and I am a Sound Designer living in Montreal, Canada.

Starting as a musician, it's music that brought up my interest into Sound and Audio technology at an early age. I then pursue my interest by studying Audio in France and then in Canada, graduating from a bachelor in music production and sound engineering. After graduating, I had the chance to test my skills as a freelancer and did multiple contracts in Audio post-production and as an Audio Mixer for TV and radio. I finally ended up in Audio for video games which is now my full time job for a couple of years.

What I enjoy the most in Audio is designing sounds towards a visual and learning new techniques, working on the immersion of the listener is what I care the most! If I had a quote for Sound that would be my favorite :

“Every men create some sound. Be a melody in this universe not a noise! If you become a melody, the whole universe will listen to you!”

To see more details about me, you see and grab my resume just here : Resume